Chetana visits Chania High for Boys

Chetana Bhatt-Shah (on her Kenyan trip) together with Vasanti Mehta and Kanti Shah (both also alumni from Class of 66 who live in Kenya) paid a visit to the school in November 2013.


They met the headteacher Mr Peter Kariuki who they found very welcoming. Chetana had fruitful discussions with Mr Kariuki about the school’s needs and he said they would be grateful for any help the ex-students could offer.


Mr Kariuki explained that the year after we left, in 1967, the school which was until then known as M P Shah Central High School, was renamed Chania High School. It continued to have both girls and boys who could board at the school or commute to school every day. It was the only school in Thika to serve a wide range of students from a diverse cultural, racial, ethnic and religious background. In 1996, the school split into two: Chania Boys’ High School (on Workshop Road) and Chania Girls’ High School (on Haile Selassi Road) to serve boys and girls respectively.