Golf and Bollywood evening get thumbs-up

A Roaring Success

The Thika Alumni Trust’s Golf/Bollywood event held at the Stanmore Golf Club on Friday 18 September was a resounding success.. A good time was had by all and to top it all, thanks to Harpal, our fund-raising coordinator, The Thika Alumni Trust made an excellent start at raising funds for schools in Thika.

The weather for the golfers on this heavily tree-lined and beautifully landscaped golf course was very favourable. Sunny skies abounded all day. Returning golfers had the evening to look forward to.


Guests, all of 154, began to pour into the dining area, a sea of large tables covered with pristine white starched table cloths laid with beautiful tableware, from around 7 pm.


Once everyone had found their table, the Bollywood evening began with a well-deserved prize-giving for the golfers.


On came Jay Kumar with a small dancing troupe onto the dance floor dancing energetically to Bollywood and Bhangra music. Soon guests were enticed onto the dance floor to take part in interactive dance routines.


During the first break, I welcomed and thanked everyone for helping to raise funds for those ‘over yonder in Africa’ so that they too would have the opportunity to achieve their full potential. The samosa and batetavada starters followed.


Another spell of enjoyable dancing was followed by the main course of several delicious curry choices accompanied by pilaf rice and naan bread and lots of condiments. The taste of the food was still on the tongue when dancing began again.


What also commenced was free movement between the tables, old lost friends hugging and greeting each other. Halvas and fruit salads made the rounds and beverages followed to round things off. With all the excitement, speeded up time and soon people were saying their ‘see-you-agains’. An outstandingly memorable day!