Chetana’s Annual Visit 2019.

Chetana visited Ituru High School, a new venture for her, and discussed with Mr Peter Kariuki, school Headmaster, and Senior staff how to set-up a new Staff system.

Chetana with Mr. Peter Kariuki, Headmaster Ituru High School

Chetana and her friend Sonal, also an ex-alumnus of Chania High School, met the school’s Peace Club Co-ordinator and discussed how they could interact in the future to provide material for the Club.

Chetana sat-in on 5 lessons (Geography, Mathematics, IT, Physics and English) followed by detailed feedback to each teacher.  Addressed boys before and after each lesson observation.

Chetana said “The Immediate response from staff and senior management was extremely encouraging – certainly a step forward towards achieving TTAT aims but also very rewarding for me personally”

Chetana’s visit to Chania Boys School was instrumental in building a relationship with the new Headmaster Mr Allan Macharia.

The school provided a very positive feedback on the use of equipment previously donated by  a TTAT like Projectors, Laptop, Printer, Whiteboards etc.

Chetana is going to work with Mr. Macharia to set-up a home-made peer appraisal scheme for staff, which they both agreed is a key to raising standards.

Chetana is now working with the schools remotely to further enhance and build on these initial steps.