Chetana Bhatt-Shah

Chetana Bhatt-Shah MA Ed, JP


Born in Mumbai, Chetana’s family moved to Tanzania when she was a toddler, later moving to Kenya. After a spell in Thika and Mombasa, the family moved to the UK where she finished her studies. As a student in Nottingham, she was a captain of the Women’s athletics team and held the record for the fastest time to drink a yard of ale. In 1972, she became a responsible and ambitious high school teacher. She taught in Kenya for 8 years and then in the UK for another 10 years before joining Kirklees Education Authority in West Yorkshire to provide advice and in-service training support to schools. After this she worked as a school OFSTED inspector for over 15 years before retiring in 2007. She currently works part-time as a tutor/trainer. Chetana also serves on the boards of the following charities: Anuparna Dance Company, Shree Bhartiya Mandal and Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, Manchester.

Years at the high school in Thika: 1963-64.

Our aim is to deliver, through fund-raising activities, the facilities the students schooling in our former educational home require for a good education.