Dalpat Mistry

Dalpat Mistry MBChB, MS


After leaving Thika, Dalpat started his A levels at Duke of Gloucester School in Nairobi before completing them at the Christopher Wren School in Hammersmith, London. After studying medicine at Glasgow University, he worked in hospitals in various parts of the West Midlands before joining the General Practice in Coventry, and on the way obtaining a Master’s in Medical Education from Warwick University. He enthuses, ‘one of the privileges I have had is looking after not only people from the local UK population but also people who have come from Kenya and India. This was uniquely rewarding as I could relate well to cultural and religious issues. This made up for the displacement we all experienced moving away from our birth place.’ Dalpat says his journey from a childhood on a sisal farm in Kenya to the present situation of a semi-retired GP in Coventry has been wonderful and rewarding. He is very enthusiastic about giving back to ‘our’ alma mater (nourishing mother). The reward will be the success of the current and future students.

Years at the high school in Thika: 1963-66.

Our aim is to deliver, through fund-raising activities, the facilities the students schooling in our former educational home require for a good education.