Harpal Punia

Harpal Punia


On completing his A levels in Halesowen in 1969, Harpal joined Lloyds Bank in their fledgling IT Department when 256K computers used to occupy a whole floor of a building. He worked for Lloyds for over 30 years in predominantly delivery-focused roles during which time he built a number of successful teams delivering multi-million pound projects and services. He took early retirement and after a significant break, continued to work as an IT Consultant for 6 years before final retirement. In 2012, he took on the role of a director and Chairman of the local golf club in Stanmore. Closely working with the local community and local government officials, he has turned the Club into a thriving and successful entity. He strongly believes that ‘Education is a fundamental human right of every child in the world’.

Years at the high school in Thika: 1963-66.

Our aim is to deliver, through fund-raising activities, the facilities the students schooling in our former educational home require for a good education.

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