Shanti Bhardwa

Shanti Bhardwa BSc, MSc

On leaving M P Shah Central High School, Shanti did his A levels at Thika High School. In early 1968, he came to England. Over the next few years he did a part-time degree in Physics at the University of Birmingham, followed by a Masters in Computer Science after which he worked at the university for a number of years. In the mid-eighties, he joined Barclays Bank in their computing department and from 1987 for the next 22 years, he was their Technical Architect. Just as engrossed as ever as an IT professional, he continues to work for Barclays carrying out design work. Shanti supports The Turing Trust and also serves as a trustee on the board of the Stan Bowley Trust. He is passionate about cricket.

Years at the high school in Thika: 1962-65.

Our aim is to deliver, through fund-raising activities, the facilities the students schooling in our former educational home require for a good education.

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